Friday, 12 August 2016

    Timeline of the Modern Period,India

1757-Battle Of Plassey
1764-Battle Of Buxar (British Victory against allied Mughal ,Bengal and Awadh Forces)
1767-1799-Anglo-Mysore Wars
1773-Warren Hastings appointed as first Governer General of India
1775-1818-Anglo-Maratha Wars
1845-1849-Anglo Sikh Wars
1855-Santhal rebellion
1857-The Revolt of 1857
1858-India came under direct rule of the British Crown as an aftermath of the 1857 revolt
1859-Indigo rebellion
1885-Indian National Congress was founded as forum for emerging nationalist feeling
1920-Non-cooperation Movement launched
1930-Civil Disobedience Movement launched
1942-Quit India Movement launched

1947-Independence and partition,birth of Pakistan

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